Nataraja – The Eternal Rhythm!

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

Nataraja, Lord Shiva as the Cosmic Dancer represents the source of all movement within the cosmos, represented by the arch of flames rhythmic movement of the entire cosmos. The symbolism of Siva Nataraja is religion, art and science merged as one.

Nataraja’s dance is not just a symbol. It is taking place within each of us, at the atomic level, this very moment. The Agamas proclaim, “The birth of the world, its maintenance, its destruction, the soul’s obscuration and liberation are the five acts of His dance.”

Saiva Philosophy

Nataraja is Shiva in the form of the Lord of the Dance. He represents the combined might of the dynamic universal energy and the awakened Soul. He is the source of all life, activity and vibration. His dance is the dance of creation. The circle of fire that surrounds Him is His primal energy that flows out of Him and again…

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11 thoughts on “Nataraja – The Eternal Rhythm!

  1. Chitambaram, in Tamilnadu, India, the abode of Nataraja, is said to be at a magnetically significant spot on the earth. Chitambaram itself is a corruption of the word “Chittambalam”, which means the smaller abode of God. “Perambalam”, or the bigger one is in the Heavens. But madam, I have a question. Where have you been all these days?

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        1. Thank u sir..I am humbled 🙏🙏
          Yes everything is getting in sync with the routine life and the new role of being a full-time homemaker..

          Since I still want to continue do something and get my own source of income so trying to explore possibilities of Being creative and earn..

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