Challenges on your way

In your endeavor to win
Your golden crown,
You will hit many dead ends;
Come to many road blocks;
And meet many obstacles
On your way;
You will be discouraged
Many times;
You will find frustration;
And freeze a lot of times;
Enormous challenges you
Will meet;
Yet, they should not be
The cause of an abrupt
End to your journey;
The great ones of yesterday
Faced similar challenges;
The great ones of today
Are facing similar challenges;
The great ones of tomorrow
Will face similar challenges;
All humans face similar challenges;
And they are what separate
The tough from the weak;
Make some people great
And some common;
We each determine what
They do for us;
Make them stop signs,
And they stop you;
Make them your ladder to the top;
And they take you to the top.