Bill sat on a rock overlooking the canyon. Its steep cliffs, ragged edges, and hues of various strata formed an awe-inspiring mural on the landscape. A warm breeze blew up from the canyon floor hundreds of feet below and swept over the top of the cliff where Bill sat. Its warm breath wrapped him comfortably up.


“This moment.” Bill thought. “I want to live in this moment forever.” He never wanted to leave what God was giving him. He knew God had met him here because he was alone. Lisa had ended their three-year relationship for a job. She was chasing the brass ring. Sure, the move meant two thousand dollars more a year, and a higher cost of living, but that is what she wanted. Bill had encouraged her. He wondered now why he had.


Lisa was the type of woman who tended to follow thoughts through to their logical conclusion. By her thinking, they would eventually break up over the long distance. She did not believe Bill would find a job near her. For her, the breakup was the most logical decision. He had tried to reason with her. He explained how he had planned his future around her. Bill had looked at his life and was content to make whatever sacrifices he needed to for her love. Why had Lisa not believed in such commitment? Why had he not seen it? Love may be blind, but they had been together for three years.


Buck laid at his feet, his trusted Labrador. Was it any wonder dogs were called men’s best friend. Buck had been there with him for the past five years. Before Lisa existed. When the two of them had to share peanut butter sandwiches because he did not have the money to buy them anything else. It never occurred to Buck to run off to a better life. He was content with Bill’s love. “People need to be more like dogs.” Bill thought.


A Bible verse popped into Bill’s head. “So don’t worry, because I am with you. Don’t be afraid, because I am your God. I will make you strong and will help you; I will support you with my right hand that saves you.”


The truth hit Bill hard. Why had he not been more faithful? Here he sat feeling sorry for himself. The God he claimed to follow promised to be with him, and was it not true? The canyon sprawled out before him testified to it. Buck sitting at his feet was a testimony to God’s provision to comfort his broken heart. Bill began to smile. He closed his eyes and listened to the warm breeze blowing around his body, and the birds singing in the trees behind him. The God who gave him all of this, in this moment, would He not provide the companion his loyal heart ached for? Lisa was not the woman for the rest of his life, but he was thankful God had brought them together for the three years they had.

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