Silent eggs and dancing eggs

When I was a little child, my mother told me the story of the silent eggs and the dancing eggs. It was such a captivating story that I have not forgotten. It taught me a big lesson.

The dancing eggs were attractive eggs. As they danced, they wooed the little girl in the story to take them.

The silent eggs were not attractive; and said nothing to persuade the girl to take them. Yet, they were the ones the good girl took in obedience to the instructions of the spirit.

The heady girl, on her part, did not see any sense is leaving such beautiful eggs as the dancing eggs to take silent and ugly ones. Hence, in disobedience to the instructions of the spirit, she took home the dancing eggs saying the definitely would give her more blessings than the silent eggs could ever give.

When the obedient and kind girl got home and broke her silent eggs, many beautiful and precious things came out: money, houses, cars, clothes and more. She and her mother automatically became rich.

When the heady and greedy girl broke the dancing eggs, all types of evil things came out: wild animals, poverty, illnesses, and misery. She and her wicked mother became poor and lived miserable lives.

Since I heard this story, whenever I have occasion to tell a story about eggs, this is the story I tell.



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