Belief in others

Do you believe in others?
Do you believe in the goodness
Of other people?
Do you trust other people?
Do you count on other people
For your success?
We have to believe in other people;
Without other people,
I wouldn’t be doing what
I am doing;
I wouldn’t be where
I am;
True that the world is full of
Fake people;
The world is full of
Dishonest people;
The world is full of
Wicked people;
But it still has lots
And lots of good people;
Lots of people doing
Marvelous things for the world;
Lots of people spreading love;
Showing kindness;
Helping people overcome their problems;
Helping people live
Better lives.
I believe in these people;
I believe in their goodness;
I believe in their good will.
Indeed, I believe in others.