Share your dream

What is your dream? Would you like to share your dream? Talking or writing about your dream helps shape it better in your mind. Therefore, do not be reluctant to write or talk about your dream.

However, only share your dream with people who can help you achieve it; or people who can be inspired by it to go for their own dreams.

Do not share your dream with just anybody. Do not share your dream with dream-killers. Dream-killers are people who make you kill your dream. They discourage you and you end up giving up your dream. Instead of telling you what you can do to achieve your dream, they tell you why you should give it up; or that it cannot be achieved; that there is no use trying.

You can share your dream with your web family. The community on the web is an inspiring community. It is made up of people who have dreams and so know the value of dreams. People who have no dreams do not know the value of dreams. Don’t share your dream with them. They will only discourage you.

Now, what is your dream? Is it to become financially independent? To be a published author? To have a website that helps thousands or millions of people daily to achieve their dreams? Is your dream to travel to many countries in the world? To be the president of your country some day?

Your dream can be one of the aforementioned or something else. My dream is to make this site a forum that helps millions of people to succeed in life. Share your dream with us.

We will pray for you and your dream; that your dream comes true one day.