We want to encourage people to read about your dream

Have you written about your dream on your site? It may be in a post you have written. If you like people to read it, we can help by encouraging people to read it. Briefly introduce it in the comment box and give us the link. We’ll invite our friends and readers to read it and not only like but leave a comment.

We believe in supporting others because it works; and we are growing fast because of the support of others. We want to build a world of people who support one another to grow.


9 thoughts on “We want to encourage people to read about your dream

        1. Let’s support each other. Look at the reblog I did of your post and see the likes. It gives you encouragement that your work is appreciated doesn’t it? It also adds something to my site. So if you publish here from time to time you will attract some of the friends here to your site and that will also help me. That is the mutual support I am looking for. Can you from time to time publish one of your lovely posts here? I will invite you to do so if you like it; and then you will have the status of an author here.

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  1. Hello — thank you so much for visiting my blog — i’m glad you liked one of my posts 🙂

    Interesting proposition. I have not publicly written about my dreams. But i keep a journal with all my dreams about my late grandfather, and you just gave me the brilliant idea to do something with it in my blog!

    I’m not quite sure when it will happen, but it will happen, and i will share it with you 😉

    Thank you very much once again, and i hope you’ll continue enjoying to read my articles 😉

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