Web Book Offering

This author, under another nom de plume, has a second WordPress offering which will be of interest to anyone concerned with the homeless.

On this planet at this moment one out of every sixty five people is without shelter.. Maybe more of us should start paying more attention.

In this five section book the reader is initially given a firsthand look at the actual experience of homelessness. 

Section Two is dedicated to the comparison and contrast of modern and other human cultures, with an eye to isolating the causes of this skyrocketing cultural phenomenon. 
In Section Three we find several hundred inspirational quotations relative to the issue under discussion.

Sections Four and Five contain, respectively, personal/local/short-term ameliorations of, and federal/longer-reaching potential solutions for, this catastrophic prevalence of domestic displacement.

“The New Holocaust” was reviewed immediately upon release by both Rebelle Society and Namaste Publications, both of whom took a full page to synopsizes its features, ending with an assurance that while there’s a lot there, every word of it is worth reading.

Two years from release, this offering is fostering compassionate awareness in 36 nations of the world. 

Please do pass it on as a resource to anyone you might know who works with or for this blighted population:

The New Holocaust: Homelessness in America and What We Can Do About It

yours foolie.wordpress.com
Thank you.


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