You will arrive

Do not be afraid;
Do not fear
The top rung
Of the ladder
Of life;
Do not think
It’s too high up;
Do not say
You will never get there;
You will;
For sure, it’s far up there,
But you can get there;
Faster than you think;
It looked impossible to many
Before you;
But they kept on going;
In the end they arrived;
That will be same for you.
Be confident;
Have hope;
Have faith;
Keep going;
You will arrive.


2 thoughts on “You will arrive

  1. I hope so. I feel so sad today. No one will hire me. They want to tell me I’m crazy. Want to tell me to go away unless I agree to take psyc drugs. I knew they were like that. Free food if you agree that your insane and take the drugs. Nice warm bed if you agree to everything they say. I’m sad today. Upset. Very upset.


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