A Riff For The King

Sharon closed her eyes. She no longer stood in her bedroom filled with a lifetime of memories. Her various dolls from her childhood disappeared along with the bed and bookshelves they sat on. The white non-descript walls in her teenage sanctuary disappeared. The ceiling fell away, and the floor vanished.

She traveled up the ethereal plain, up through the sky and off the earth. Past the planets, stars, and nebulas. Soon she could see galaxies next to galaxies. Sharon was beyond what was known as the universe. She did not just see down on the world, but time and space itself. Here she slowed her ascent and stood upon a sea of diamonds so transparent it looked as though she were standing on a sea. Before her, a giant throne emerged. The seat contained onyx, rubies, diamonds, pearls, gold, and more. Sharon was nearly blinded by the colors it emitted. Upon the throne sat the God of all creation.

Sharon bowed and gripped her metallic blue electric guitar. Its familiar feel brought a smile to her face. She put her fingers upon the strings and began her riff. With each cord, the throne would pulse brightly in approval. Angels and creators both terrible and beautiful moaned and sang in harmony. Winged lions would keep the offbeat with a low pulsing roar from their throats. Ghostly winged women sang words only the King could understand. Seraphim flew above and echoed the words with deep haunting voices.

Sharon’s let her jazz creation fill up the heavens. With each pulse of the throne joy and peace filled her soul. Her heart filled with notes far more significant than she had composed. Her fingers flew and slid across the strings her musical friend, and they brought the heavens to their feet. The glory of God outshone his throne and Sharon closed her eyes to avoid being overwhelmed. Nothing would stop her at this moment. She did not care about time, or how long she had played. She remained there in paradise until her hands ached, and finally, she had to cease her masterpiece.

All of heaven got quiet when she played her last note. The creatures all faded. Only Sharon remained before God on his throne. With a bow of respect and the deep cleansing breath of accomplishment, Sharon opened her eyes. There she stood back in her room. Her dolls where she left them. The pink and white ruffled bedspread draped smoothly across her bed. The white walls and ceiling just where they had been. The brown shag carpet sat firmly beneath her feet. She removed her headphones and turned off her amplifier. Sharon sat down on her bed and began to write the next masterpiece for heaven.

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