colors and races

Whether you’re white or black,
It does not matter an iota to me;
Whether white or red,
It does not matter anything to me;
All I know is I love you;
It’s not your color I love,
It’s you I love;
I don’t discriminate;
I love people of all colors;
There are nice black people
And not-so-nice black people;
There are nice white people,
And not-so-nice white people;
There are nice red people
And not-so-nice red people;
What matters is not color;
What matters is not your race;
What matters is the content
Of your heart;
A good person is a good person
No matter the color or race;
A bad person is a bad person
No matter the color or race;
Stop making color an issue;
All colors were made by God;
And all the works of his hands
Are good;
All colors and races are good.