Do you agree?

Do you agree?
That we are all created
For great things?

Do you agree?
That we can all achieve
The impossible
With the right mind-set
And attitude
And faith?

Do you agree?
That many people waste
Their potential
And so do not achieve
As much as they would
Have done?

Do you agree?
That many people in
Oblivion today
Will be right at the top
If they do the right thing
To get there?

Do you agree?
That quitters never win
And winners never quit?

I agree
Because I have seen it.

I agree
Because I know it.

I agree
Because it is clear.

Now tell me:
Do you agree?

Written with inspiration drawn from this response made to me: “Thank you, we can all achieve the impossible with the right mind set and attitude. Faith” It was made by Not Freud’s Couch responding to my comment on her site. Thank you “Not Freud’s Couch” for inspiring me to write this poem. Your response touched my heart and I am grateful. If you want to visit Not Freud’s Couch and I strongly recommend it, its easy:

Happy blogging!