I am crazy about you

I no longer understand myself;
I suddenly found myself loving
You madly;
In fact, I am crazy about you;
What is happening to me;
I never expected to come to this;
You know the barriers between us;
I have been careful all along
Not to get to where I am now;
But here I am, mad about you;
I can’t hold back myself;
It seems I can’t live without you;
You occupy my thoughts all day
And all night;
Want to let you know I am crazy
About you;
Tell me you’re also mad about me;
Those are golden words to hear.
Go on and tell me you love me;
Tell me you are all for me.
Don’t fear to open your heart!
Have the courage of your love!
Love does not fear;
Love breaks all boundaries.
Break boundaries and come to me;
And we’ll bathe in an ocean of love
For the rest of our lives.