I am crazy about you

I no longer understand myself;
I suddenly found myself loving
You madly;
In fact, I am crazy about you;
What is happening to me;
I never expected to come to this;
You know the barriers between us;
I have been careful all along
Not to get to where I am now;
But here I am, mad about you;
I can’t hold back myself;
It seems I can’t live without you;
You occupy my thoughts all day
And all night;
Want to let you know I am crazy
About you;
Tell me you’re also mad about me;
Those are golden words to hear.
Go on and tell me you love me;
Tell me you are all for me.
Don’t fear to open your heart!
Have the courage of your love!
Love does not fear;
Love breaks all boundaries.
Break boundaries and come to me;
And we’ll bathe in an ocean of love
For the rest of our lives.


8 thoughts on “I am crazy about you

  1. How I wish I could go back in time and relive things in the proper way. God created us to enjoy each other, but all I did was make afoot out of myself while I watched you stay angry and distance yourself more and more. God did not create us to hate each other…. That is what the enemy wants. God did not want all this hate at all.

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