The Voice Within

It was a cloudy Saturday afternoon just an hour after a heavy rainfall. All around me was green, fresh and smelled good. Spending time in the village has always been fun to me and so I was getting a good time but this day was special. Something within told me to take a walk around the neighborhood and off I went. I was happy stopping along the road from time to time greeting both the old and young as I moved about and everybody happy that I came home after a long time.

I got to a branch and a compound there attracted my attention. I remember that while growing up as a kid, a jovial mother in that compound always called me to come eat and I loved her cuisine. It had been long since the last time I saw her so, I decided to stop by to greet her. Behold! When I got to the house, I found here in great pain, she’d been having a severe fever for the past three days and was home alone because her youngest son who lives with her traveled. There was nobody to attend to her, seeing her condition, I decided to take her to hospital. Coincidently, just when we were ready to go, her son came in from his trip. I thus gave him sufficient money and they took a taxis heading for the hospital. I was feeling really good and satisfied with my way home, most probably, it was God’s time to use me to assist that woman. This got me thinking, I taught of the many times we resist that inner voice, that force which times without number, instructs us to do something either for our own good or for the good of a loved one. Many are those who don’t pay attention or just wave it aside.

Many are the people who quest for prominence and success in life. Unfortunately, sometimes, we are unilaterally focused on the end result and forgetting some of the side events and actions along the way that can contribute to achieving the main goal. We need others and we have to factor in others especially those in our close circles in our plans for success because we live in communities and we are social beings by design. We have to pay attention to that inner voice and what it tells us. Helping others overcome their difficulties better position us to handle our own difficulties in life and this in itself takes us to higher heights.

Coming back to the story, you may want to ask why I felt that urgency, that desire to visit the old mother that particular day. While there can be many answers to that question, I choose to think that it could have been God’s time to reward her for the good she had been doing to others including me and this had to happen at a time when she badly needed help. It could have been here prayer to God to help her and so God laid out this special plan. When I left my house, I didn’t plan to visit her, she was not on my mind, it just occurred on the way and I responded to that inner call and responded just in time to save her life.

No matter the place, condition or time you find your find yourself in, always listen to that voice within, it carries all the force, the wisdom, and power to take you places.

Abongta S Moncha

Living Lectures Inc.


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