A hair-raising story I read about husband and wife that will make you blink

I read about how once a gang of armed robbers got into a house and asked for money and valuables.

After collecting what they wanted, they gave the man a gun and ordered him to shot his wife else he would be shot.

The man got the gun, pointed it at his wife but was unable to fire. He thought of all that he and his wife had gone through in life; how he loved her; how much she had sacrificed for him and decided that he could not kill her. He returned the gun to the robbers and said he was unable to kill her.

The gang leader grabbed the gun from him and handed it to the woman with the same instructions. “Shoot your husband or you are shot.”

The woman pointed the gun at her husband and without any hesitation pulled the trigger to shoot him. Alas! There were no bullets in the gun. The man was not hurt.

After a good laugh, the robbers got back their gun, and walked out of the house.

1. If you were this man, how would you react to your wife?
2. If you were the woman, what would you say to your husband?
3. You who are reading this, what is your reaction to this story?
4. What does this story tell you about marriage and husbands and wives?