Highlighted blogs Tuesday 14 November, 2017.

Hello! Our joy to highlight the following blogs on hsite:

1. J.Devious
thanks for the nice offer!
I’m new to worpress but not new to writing! I’m a writer, a poet perhaps you can call me & that’s what my page is about. I share my writings, my thoughts and my passion for this very powerful kind of art. Even tho that can get pretty messed up sometimes because keeping myself sane isn’t easy at all xD especially if you write poetry.


2. Yuvi’s Buzz

Hi Success Inspirers World! Thank you for creating this nice opportunity.
It has been about a month since I’ve started blogging and my blog is not about something in particular. I write what I feel like writing about. Like poetry, short stories, and the pictures that I take or draw. I write what inspires me most on the day. Take a look here…
Thanks in advance and greetings!

3. sarahrichelleblog
Thank for creating this blog to help promote new bloggers – I think its very nice of you!

My blog is a lifestyle, affordable beauty/style and travel blog for a working girl/woman living in the UK and I hope to connect with like minded souls from across the world 🙂

4. vitalinify

Hello! Thank you for helping new blogger!
I just started my blog to share my writtings and experience. I adore travelling around the world and explore the world’s new places as much as watching movies or reading books. Also I’m a big fan of art and poetry. It’s pretty much of things which contains my blog. You’re always welcome at http://www.vitalinify.wordpress.com or http://vitalinify.tumblr.com/

5. lifeitselffrankiestyle

Hi I just started this whole blogging thing… I’m a fifteen year old guy and also an aspiring journalist, I like to give a perspective on world issues from a typical angsty teen. I hope you visit my blog from time to time you might even enjoy it

We shall be delighted to know that you visit them. Happy blogging.


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