Living In Grace

Amos stared at the calendar hanging on the green wall behind his computer monitor. His eyes moved left to right. There hung an old wooden plank with a joke about the perfect man. Pictures holding sketches from a cowboy painter reminded Amos of his childhood. The various plaques and awards that adorned the rest of his office were a testimony to his work effort and determination.

The first half of Amos’ life was hard. A combination of poor decisions and a large family left him with sparse choices early in his life. He sat there at his small desk in front of his computer contemplating what would happen next. Amos had never really felt like he had choices, at least not for a very long time. He was committed to doing things the right way, and that meant getting his kids raised. Now they were men, good men. “They are better men than I was at that age.” Amos smiled at the thought. They weren’t perfect, but neither was he. God knew he was grateful for them. Although parenthood had its share of struggles, they had made him into a much better man than he would have been with just him and his wife.

Now here he sat. His body broken from a lifetime of pain, hard work, and worry about things he never had control over. Scars from regrets for things said, or not said. Did he deserve to be this happy now? Did he have the right to hope to live out his remaining days doing something he loved? No, this was not about getting what he deserved. He prayed daily to God he would not get what he had earned.

This situation was about grace. A grace Amos never had the opportunity to experience before. He woke up every day, almost afraid to get out of bed. He was scared to leave his mattress for fear that all this would end. The joy, the peace, all of it would go away. God showed Amos each morning that even blessings take a step of faith. So he sits and writes what God has put in his heart. Stories, both long and short. Modern-day parables of good and evil, right and wrong. He feels unworthy, but then who is worthy?

Amos stops and prays at his desk. “May You bless everyone even more so than me. May the smallest up through the greatest get to experience their dream. May you give us the strength to accept the struggles that prepare us for Your Grace.”

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