The Shifting Appropriacy of Anger

In almost every single case
Anger most destructive be
Be careful, for you can't erase
That which already come to be

There are some times and ways
In which anger is justified:
First pause to find a benefit
To something other than your pride

For instance, will it educate
Enabling its receiver to
Amend mistaken hurtful ways
Some other one unto?

Are you addressing issues or
Spraying invective all around
Some landing on the act at hand
Some landing on the ground?

Are you letting yourself express
Random frustrations in the mix
Or are you clean, specific
So your message really sticks?

Have you considered that the ones
Who dish out misery
More miserable are themselves
Than their victims be?

After all these elements
Have been brought into play
Within your mind and heart
You are justified to say

Only and always just the words
You think will benefit
All parties thereunto involved --
That is the long and short of it


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