Status Symbols

Status symbol;
You talk of status symbol;
What is a status symbol?
Does a status symbol make
Someone a great person?
Take a prestigious car,
A mansion, money; position
Power, stardom and more;
Do they make you great?
Not at all?
They may give
The impression of greatness,
But they do not make you great;
Of course, they can help you
Become great;
But by themselves,
They don’t make you great;
Greatness is the fruit of
The degree of the contribution
You make
To uphold the values
That are dear to humanity:
Human Rights;
The dignity of the human person;
Spend your life
And with all your energy
Promoting, upholding and defending
These values;
And you will know
The sweet taste of greatness;
Run after your status symbols
If you like;
It is your right;
But by themselves,
They will not make you great.


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