DAY 42

I walk everyday with an open wound;

Neither are you here to share this with,

Nor you chose to remain,

Slowly distancing, with your every right perceptions;

Did you come to hear me out once?;

This hurts;

I took responsibility;

I cannot force you to love back;

Today you do not see US in present and in future,

You concluded everything before everything;

How could you do that? But you did;

Today, I have no one to prove to, nothing to do for acceptance,

Nothing for gaining or losing;

Love ,

Come what may, we should have been together;

It did not happen;

Today, I still walk with this open wound,

Taking time to heal;

Perhaps, I should not identify myself with this wound;

It seems there forever;

All I’ve wished,

Your truth, comprehension, support, warmth of your presence,

The love I once felt;


I wish…

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