13 bad habits that will obstruct the realization of your dream

I have found 13 habits that will not help you realize your dream. I had to work hard to overcome many of these weaknesses. I am still working hard to eliminate the rest. You will do well to eliminate them as well. They are:

Being disorganized;
Being too committed;
Spending too much time watching television;
Spending too much time on social media;
Taking care of other people affairs;
Being indolent and lazy;
Not being assertive;
Suffering in silence;
Using money irresponsibly;
Living recklessly;
Failure to prepare enough

Of course, these are not the only bad habits that will hinder the realization of your dreams. But if you work on these and eliminate them, that will greatly enhance your chances of realizing your dreams.


2 thoughts on “13 bad habits that will obstruct the realization of your dream

  1. quietwoman

    Thank you. I recently got off facebook because it wasn’t helping me to stay focused, it was eating up my time and it became a place to lash out at people. So I suspended my account and defriended everyone. I believe God is about to do something grand in the near future and I must prepare for that. He is going to deliver his people, all the Jews who trust in them and this world is going to hell . I had something aweful happen today to me. They barred me from the union gospel mission because I spoke out against them harming people by forcing them to agree with the doctors that their crazy and go back on the forced drugs they prescribed. They won’t help me because I refuse to drug myself with these chemicals that destroy the mind. I’m homeless, don’t have a dime right now and they won’t even give me a crust of bread or a drink of water or nothing because I refuse to take drugs. I’ve been through their system before…been told I was an “airhead” half my life and now they want to call me other names….like skitzophrenic, bi-polar. I’m living in the streets now. I have no where to go and its fixin to get cold outside. My other doesn’t want me in her house either unless I agree to take these drugs. I wish God would do something soon to these evil people! And everywhere I go I get fired. Even at the temp agencies. No one is happy unless Im drugged, electric shocked, and totally useless to the world!


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