The mushroom story

I love the story of the shiny mushrooms. When the young girl got to the forest to harvest mushrooms, the shiny ones attracted her more. Ignoring the dull ones, she harvested a lot of the shiny ones and returned home. She boasted to her mother how beautiful her mushrooms were.

Looking at them, her mother told her they were all poisonous although they looked beautiful. The edible ones were the brown ones which did not look attractive and which she had despised.

This story teaches us to beware of the shiny things of life. Many of them are fraught with temptation and danger – lies, stealing, alcohol, infidelity, money, position, power, fraud, corruption etc.

Virtues like honesty, truth, justice, kindness,love, understanding etc are not shiny because they are hard to practice and do not satisfy our earthly desires, but in the end they are the ones that give us true satisfaction.