The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

What do you think – please tell me – I want to write and create this story the best i can to be able to produce the story I went through myself in a version relating to an evil babysitter movie version you may have seen called “The Hand that Rocks the Cradle”
I have already fully published the story inside others and think this illuminates all on its own and puts an end to the consideration.

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Two.

I think there should be another cradle rocker babysitting movie made where the babysitter as it is gets her victims micro-chipped so she can follow them all around the known universe and have everyone follow them while she uses the emergency services scanner and radio links to pass around roomers enough to create the atmosphere she needs to have every service they need to use possessed while she masquerades as a spouse or relation of some kind to try and organise and set up the scene that will clear her and her family from murder charges that she herself was lucky enough to escape; even though she too was found, head to toe covered in blood with a calving knife in her hand and had such a look of shock on her face that they assumed she had been attacked and they released her unlike her two accomplices who were jailed for five years.
The then nearly teen aged girl and conspirators grow up trying to transfer the blame for the dead children who’s remains are still in police hands till this day and continues into her middle ages as the plot thickens and the woman who got away when twelve who is now a police officer who’s father was jailed for the axe murder of her own children – now has people intercept whoever she blamed to begin as she fully intends to re leave them of their name and create one for them out of her own family history bound by all the serial killers in existence who she conspired with to begin her trade as the little missey big bad team wolf that once got away.
After failing to set up the person who was the only child who got away  and was the same age as the killers except for the parents who used them – as the law would go easier on them; and they could become rich of the donor proceeds and on three other occasions after this not mentioning the first time when their intended victim got away and was driven home safely; they stepped the tirade up to include a microchip and everyone they could use to intimidate the victim to be able to then lure them into the funnel of the Webb they’d spun for them in the beginning.