If I am wrong…

If I am wrong,
Correct me.
I like
When I am corrected;
I grow
When I am corrected;
I don’t feel sad
When I am corrected;
Neither do I become angry
When I am corrected;
Some people react very badly
When they are corrected;
Do you?
Why should you?
You learn
When you are corrected;
And that makes you grow.
If I am wrong,
Correct me.


4 thoughts on “If I am wrong…

  1. I believe correction is good, but the person correcting needs to be open to correction also. I believe people mature with age, and with years of writing. I believe the ABC button is valuable for finding spelling mistakes. I always press this button before publishing.

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  2. I like it, and I will read it again, and again. The footsteps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord. In Ephesians, the armor for the feet is the shoes of the Preparation of the Gospel of Peace. I believe inspiration comes with preparation. Preparation comes because of discipline. It is worth the time to sit before the Lord. When it becomes a habit, you still must watch. Our confidence, and commitment is to the Lord. I find myself praying about everything. I prayed over the Pumpkin Cheesecake Isaac and I were making. Soon I will be preparing Thankful dinner. I plan to pray over the meal. It comes out better when I pray. Discipline is a good thing. It adds structure. Now make these thoughts into a poem. Smile.

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