In Shadows To Remind.

Upon the dawns reflection in the light upon the frame, the windows sight perception of the morning to attain. Upon the bane conceptions in the wicked winding paths, the arrows light distinctions that the moonlight will embark. Upon the spirits waiting in the twilight of the east, the western skies are showing of the tides to be increased. The sails are mast by standard and the hull is fast to train, the starboard side in knowing how the port is entertained. We bow before the riggings laid and roped upon the feel. The helm is mast by weight that’s drawn upon the flowing keel. Beneath the glowing lantern as it smokes upon the gloom, the lunar lamp is opened by the tides we are consumed. Upon the currents notice and upon a wave of sets, we wade before the land we ride upon a coast of threats, within the seas of showing light upon the waters cast, the island gates are stowed between the keys within the past. In flight before the sun insights, in mood that we compare, we dream upon a star and wish in light we are aware. Beneath the pale blue wheel of time within the feelings craft, such light we will believe to fly in dreams that will be ours. Upon the eastern shores upon the vortex of the flame, the northern winds invoke the tide that’s blowing in rain. In visions of the gales upon the course upon the time, in light before the sun is sought the shadows will remind.