Breaking Bread

From Our Home To Yours….Happy Thanksgiving!

Breaking Bread 1

It’s early morning and I can smell the aroma of pumpkin and turkey while walking into the kitchen. Cooling down on the counter, were loaves of bread as the beginning of the season is now upon us. It’s time to give thanks to all those who made this year a little easier for us; for dear friends and family; and more importantly, for our multitude of blessings from our Lord above.

The shorts and t-shirts has turned to football and wrapping gifts. The trees have lost their summer foliage and the wet, black bark stand somberly, against shades of gray. The embers in the fireplace are still aglow from the night before. The house has now turned into a winter wonderland.

Starting the day off right, we sip our coffee in bed along with the morning news and the joyful Thanksgiving parades. Later, I watch you scurry about the kitchen donning an old-fashioned apron. The family will all be here soon!

Getting ready to share the season…. it’s my favorite time of the year! The bread has risen, moist and golden brown; perfect for a holiday tradition. I lovingly watch you focus on perfection. Cradling the loaves onto an empty shelf, you close the refrigerator door and when turning to your right, a smile suddenly appears across your face. “Jesus is in our kitchen!”

Breaking Bread 2

Gasping in His glory, you turn to the counter to reach for the last loaf. Gently, you hand it to Him and then pull out a chair. He smiles and reclines, gesturing me to do the same. Together, we break bread and sip the wine from our crystal goblets. How blessed we are for this communion of three!

Never issuing a word, Jesus came calling on this holiday. The brightest of bright! He shined at our table – the sacrament of life. And as He came, so He left; only a broken twig lay upon the table where we had broken bread. I watch the tears stream down your face as you take His napkin and wipe your cheek. In heaven smiling, He hath made a place now after watching you; preparing…. there too, your day will come..

The table now set in silver and gold, the charger plates wait, a centerpiece of holly and pinecones remind us of where they came from. I lit the candles as the doorbell rings bringing in the full swing of the holidays. Watching you smile from ear to ear, you carry out an extra chair from the bedroom and hand it to me. You greet the kids with a great big smile…. and a huge hug as well!!!! What a wonderful way to start our Thanksgiving!

Breaking Bread 3