Meeting Mother

She birthed and raised a prodigy
Who's come to mean so much to me
When introduction's made to be
What will she see in me?

An inexpensive floozy or
A calculating predator --
Or someone doth her son adore
And gives that love for free?

Will she understand that I
Though slow to learn, resolve to try
To stand her offspring closely by
Whatever lies in store?

She is his first priority
And that sits very well with me
I love to hear him lovingly
Describe how he will try

Both heaven and the earth to move
Her life to make a garden of
'Twas she who taught him how to love
And how to loving be

So she deserves most to enjoy
Her precious infant, growing boy
And now a man of gentle joy
The satisfaction of

Such dedication I condone
Nor be it a contentious bone
For I must spend much time alone
My Muses to employ

Life isn't any kind of race
I don't mind taking second place
To she whom his affections grace
As much I have known

Any son to treasure she
His origin and nurt'urance be
It's happy that such love makes me
In any -- any case

For it seems to this poet that
Most of our sorrows are begat
By everything such love is not
How selfish would I be

To take away from this sad Earth
Affection of such sterling worth
As that of whom she brought to birth
For she who him begot?

I hope she'll feel no fear that I
Intend in any way to try
That dedication to deny
For here's an utter dirth

Absolute insufficiency
Of willingness, ability
Intention or capacity
Such beauty to belie

It may be hard for her to trust
That I respectful am, and just
Nor for her well earned status lust
I only wish to be

Of happiness for him a part
An ornament, a little art
A sprinkling of fairy dust
For his so well-deserving heart


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