Goldilocks and the Absent Bears.

The bears weren’t there, the house was bear you could not hear a mouse, inside she went to find content with which she knew no doubt. Goldilocks hand found some pots and bowls there were but three. They were just left and were still set; as hot and cold could be. She Hoofed one down that she had found, that had the perfect heat, and then she went to find a bed, of which there was but three. She took a turn to find the firm, and soft and perfect pelt, that one’s too hard and one too soft and one just right she felt. She was so warm in comfort form, and drifted of, to sleep, and when she rose she left and closed the door behind her feet. The bears strolled in to find the bowls and saw the beds they slept, and wondered who had come and moved their things to look un-kept.