On A Star we Glide.

At night before the pearly lantern in the face of time, the world interns the stars in heaven witnessed by the tide. In oceans depths before the current waves resend the sand, upon the hours moments spent, are dreamt before the land. Upon the spelling words pronounce the visions we inspire, in versed connection to enchant the sentence we desire. The winds upon the force of tongues, upon the flames that rise, are lit beyond the face of throngs, in forced before the mind. In spells the west winds will be dealt, upon the southern fires, the temples of the north are hung by eastern castle spires. The moon recalls the thoughts exchanged, remembered, as they dance, upon a starlit wish we’d ride upon the air of chance. Beneath the pale blue moonlit night upon the thoughts inquired the breeze enhanced the force within the language we’d admired. Before the light before the dawn before the rising sun, the darkness in the shadows waits in sight of what’s begun.