Thank you Claudia!

I hope
You never leave me;
You are so sweet;
See how my face glows;
It’s same for my heart;
And that’s your doing;
The doing
Of your sweet words;
If you can like what I do,
What else do I need;
By having you on my side,
I have it all;
It’s my strong hope
You never leave me.
Promise you will ever
Stay with me.
Let me hear you say
You will never leave me.


3 thoughts on “Thank you Claudia!

  1. Your words…they touched my soul like butterflies wings bringing pure light and a renewed faith…I’m looking up to the skies above saying thank you and you know I feel blessed beyond words.
    Thank you, not only for this amazing poem, but also for the talent and inspiration that you’re so generously sharing to the world. For this open door to the healing power of your faith. For your beautiful heart…Thank you ❤️

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