What do you say?

Hello friends!

I like you to tell me what you feel about this poem, Gift a smile. It is the first poem ever that Nikita Kashyap has written. I encouraged her to write this poem and it looks like she did it just to make me happy. She says her boyfriend helped her too.

I find it a great poem for a beginner. Kamal of Boundlessblessings blog considers it a very great poem too. We can draw some lessons from this can’t we? Nikita could go on to become a great poet.

I like you to tell me what you think of this poem and what lessons you draw from this. Any word of encouragement to the beginning poet?


24 thoughts on “What do you say?

  1. This poem triggered me back on track. I am going through a gruesome moment. It’s easy to loose track at times liken what I am going through. Thanks, my Brother.
    I’m back posting. New approach. What was meant to happen in 2017? It really, really happened. I’m compiling the year into a book.
    Don’t know yet which way to go. Father knows. He leads me and you all the way. No problems without solution anymore. Nothing to worry about. No fear whatsoever. Father is working all things for our good.
    Miss you. Hope to hear from you soon. πŸ™‚


          1. Phew! For a moment there? I spew out my rage against Him! I quit! I spewed out. Off the wagon I wanted in my feverish mind, cold to the bones even under heavy covers, but!
            Father? I didn’t ruffle His feathers. He only smiled. Again, He put me to sleep. Woke up few hours later?
            Fever gone! Renewed strength to go on, despite a couple more days on testing grounds.

            That’s the ways of our Father.

            Be posting as usual I hope. πŸ™‚


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