A Break from the World

Traveling these days is too mainstream. Millennials allot their time to visit those what they call โ€˜instagrammable spotsโ€™. These are the places that are worth featuring in different social platforms. They also often share these trips with their friends along with the Hashtag Soul Searching.


I remembered when I had my 1st mountain climbing. To be honest, I was not prepared before the jump-off. I wasnโ€™t even full-geared. However, I made sure that I was comfortable with what I wore for my 1st hike. I learned so many things before, during and after the trek. I realized whatever hardships I would meet along the way, there would be a time for success. I was deeply down at those times when I engaged myself with traveling. (See my travels here.) Until then, I have felt the urges and drives of going to different places and enjoy my rest days from work.

They always say, lone souls wander and appreciate their solitude. Most of the time, I travel alone. Sometimes, I join groups of joiners and at the end of the day, we get along with each other as if we have already met before. Solo travel makes me nervous and excited at the same time. But life is too short to stay in you comfort zone!

Because of traveling, I learn how to give myself a reward that has an overwhelming satisfaction. It also helps me relax my overall system, physically and mentally. It is like an ephemeral break from the city life. So, for me, I travel not only to capture instagrammable photos, but also to explore, cherish those places and bring wonderful memories to remember as I go home.

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"She is living with her unsaid words, faded artworks of memories and her untold stories."

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