If They Thought They Could

There are prisons and then prisons
There are wars and there are wars
Nobody talks too much about
What goes on behind closed doors

A door's as locked and chained
From inside out as outside in
If one has been by terror trained
Toward it never to begin

Start just outside of any home
Rich, poor, learned, ignorant
No matter tidy or unclean
The outer aspect it present

Progress on foot now past three more 
Your pref'rence of direction take
For in pursuit of what we seek
Impossible 'tis to mistake

Of those selected entranceways
One outwardly identical
If it were opened suddenly
Would lead us into someone's hell

To our dreadful ignominy
In fully twenty five percent
Of homes one cringes warily
Another's anger to prevent

One in four passing on the street
Ones income matters not a whit
One in four at the office meet
Held forth at luncheon with their wit

One out of four whose numb hearts may
As well be made of deadened wood
One out of four who'd hit you too
If they thought they could