Remembering You…


DAY 43

I must not fight the nature of its flow..

I must let you continue your flow just like these clouds..

Moving in their paths..unseen to my eyes..

All I see is their movement as random and spontaneous as they are..

Their nature.. ;

Their flow is as mysterious as you are..

Your nature.. ;

I wonder..

I ponder..

The release of someone who is not here.. ;

I must release you with love..


You still remain here..

Unconditionally.. ;

I, who never move on in love..

Must remain unattached to you..

In comprehension and compassion..

With unconditional love..

A truth I embody in profundity..

Letting the profoundness of our experience..

Enlighten me.. ;

Only unwords can express the divinity of the experience.. ;

Falling in love with life is my commitment for life..

The sweetness, triggered by our togetherness..

Still remains today..

I commit full-on to its…

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