Saintly life

Saintly life, saintly life;
Living a saintly life;
Are you living a saintly life?
What is your take on a saintly life?

Mary lived a saintly life;
Joseph lived a saintly life.
I wish to live a saintly life
What’s your take on a saintly life.

It’s good to live a saintly life.
I encourage you to live a saintly life;
Tell me about a saintly life;
What is your take on a saintly life?



2 thoughts on “Saintly life

  1. What Was it That They Saw?

    Since but a toddler I most wond’ring be
    At this mysterious phenomenon:
    Those indistinct souls throughout history
    Who found themselves a suff’ring road upon

    With others like them suff’ring all around
    Limited of resource — a tragic age
    In which do tend to flourish and abound
    Little but petty selfishness and rage

    Later we hear of those who had a smile
    Even their most corrupt companions for
    And stories to the children with beguile
    Putting another’s hunger theirs before

    Yet for these no renown will ever be
    When others saw but dirt — what did they see?

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