What Catholics believe

Catholics believe that anyone who lives a saintly life goes to heaven after their earthly life. In heaven, such a person becomes a saint and enjoys eternal life with God. Do you subscribe to this belief?


18 thoughts on “What Catholics believe

                    1. Are you interested in the Russia probe? It has worried me. I also like it when truth and justice prevail though always they need to be tempered with mercy. I don’t like when hate comes into politics. Unfortunately, I see it has crept back into US politics.

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                    2. Many people’s expectations have not been met. Here, we consider the U.S as the leader of the free world where certain principles and values are valued but what we have been seeing of recent is a slap on the face of what America has stood for, preached and promoted. To many here, the world is heading for destruction, then, when it returns to survival of the fittest; but with the Muller Commission on the Russia probe, there is hope that America may end up being America after all.

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