Highlighted blogs Friday 8th December, 2017

Hello! We are happy to highlight four blogs on this site today. They will be very delighted to receive you. Kindly visit them and make new friends. If you are already friends, they will still very much appreciate your coming.The four highlighted blogs are:

1. Anushka

Hello, I’m Anushka. I work at a newspaper, and dream of becoming an author someday. I also recently made a blog – https://aworldofdaydreams.wordpress.com.
I try my best to post on a daily basis, and my posts include journal entries, letters (that I’ll never send), and poetry. It’s my way of making sense of everything I feel, and all I’ve ever longed for is to move people with my words. Thank you for an opportunity for self-promo, I really appreciate it!

2. Cris

Hello there! My name is Cristina, I started my blog about a month ago so I’m still figuring out everything as this is a new world for me. In my blog I have written about different-non related- topics like, the experience of being an au pair, the importance of sharing emotions, etc. Everything from my own personal experience.
Thank you for letting us share our blogs in your page! The link for my blog: https://wordpress.com/view/momihaveablog.wordpress.com

3. sarahgarcess

Just wanted to come and find new blogs! fill feel free to check mine out as well sarahgarces.com

4. Ngugi Jeremy

I write of struggles of an emotionally distraught person and how they cope with the world
Also about what affects the teenagers in my country in


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