Wildlife at Chilapata

Wild Life at CHILAPATA


C H I L A P A T A……Wild Life
Chilapata near Hasimara in WB India a most beautiful destination for Nature lovers & birders.

If you are lucky🍀 you have a fair chance to get such a glimpse of a Baby👶elephant with its parents.

The Colourful watch Tower will add to your photography euphoria .

Leaf Birds are in quite plenty sucking nectar from blooming wild flowers🌺.

One of my #Best landscape photography frame I have got there with River & Trees 🌲 in the inset 

That was Jan2016 around 23rd , me and my wife both by choice are Nature lovers started for Siliguri in WB and it was pre planned with all necessary vehicle 🚗 and cottage booking at Chilapata .From there we started for Jungle camp accommodation in an Innova and the journey started with lots of scenic ups and downs till we reached…

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