You and World Peace

Is world peace threatened?


It is not easy to succeed where there is no peace. Where there is no peace many people suffer. You and I who like to succeed would not like a situation where the peace of the world is threatened. Hence, our duty to contribute to build peace. No contribution can be minimized. Simply speaking out against war or violence and for peace can be an immense contribution. In this light, therefore, I like you to look at and think about the following questions:

  1. Are you worried about world peace?
  2. Do you see any threat to world peace at the moment?
  3. Has world peace ever been so threatened as it is now?
  4. Which countries are the greatest threat to world peace as you read or answer this?
  5. What is the greatest threat in your opinion to world peace?
  6. And what do you say to anyone who, by their action threatens world peace?