Consuming Fire

Faith, Love, Hope, Passion, Righteousness

There is a burning in my spirit that feels a burden to release a word from God.  A few days ago the Holy Spirit dropped the word FIRE in my spirit. It was a few moments before I came across the news of the raging fires in California.  I could hear God say that this was just a manifestation of what is upon us spiritually.  There is a fire from the heavens that is about to sweep across the body of Christ and our nation. Fire is an element that is so diverse. It can destroy, refine to make better, give warmth, and provide energy and light. When we think about the characteristics and nature of fire, we often think about its destructive nature.  But the FIRE of God is not only an all-consuming fire that comes to burn away that which cannot withstand it, but it is also the representation…

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