Ready, Set, Go

Faith, Love, Hope, Passion, Righteousness

I would like to release a word of encouragement from God for those who have been waiting and praying for the hand of God to move in your life.  The Holy Spirit deposited the words “break”, “run”, and “applause” in my spirit.  The word break has many meanings.  To break can mean, (1) to separate into parts with sudden or violence, (2) to make ineffective as a binding force, (3) to achieve initial success in usually  a sudden or striking way, and (4) to become known. I hear the Lord say that there is a grace in this season for acceleration.  Many of us have been praying for God to do something great in our lives. He says, “My child, if you allow my Spirit to help you (Zechariah 4:6- not by might nor power, but by Spirit, says the Lord Almighty), I will guide you and help you break…

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