The God of Amazing

Faith, Love, Hope, Passion, Righteousness

The Lord has been reminding me of a word He gave me on May 2, 2017 and allowing it to burn in my spirit since I recently joined a prayer group that has come together to end the year focused on spending that extra time with Him.  I feel it is a word that is not just for me, but will speak to others as well.  For those who have felt as if not much has been happening in their lives and for those who need a boost of hope.

As I prayed and asked for a word that morning, my eyes were drawn to my son’s tin Spiderman container which had the word “AMAZING” on it.  It was the only word on it and it leaped off the box and into my spirit. According to Merriam Webster dictionary the word amazing means to cause great surprise or wonder and…

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