Why Hera Pereira’s post about the dignity of work has touched me so much

You must have seen my post “A post that’s not leaving my mind”. The post about whichy I talk is Hera Pereira’s post There dignity in every profession.

I want to tell you why this post has touched me so much. If it has touched me so much, it is because what Hera talks about here is what I see all the times. We have the tendency of waving people off because of the kind of work they do. This is a big mistake. As I write this, there is a gentleman who collects waste from our home weekly and we pay him. Hera wrote as if she was talking about this gentleman. They are many.

I have seen some of the lowliest men in society lifted to the summit at the end of their lives by their children or their investments. While they were regarded as persons of no consequence, they gradually invested their meagre resources; and got the returns in the end.

Many of those who earn fabulous sums lack a sense of saving or investing for the future. They squander their income on high life. At the end of the day, they are worse off than those who earned meagre salaries.

There are lots of simple food sellers, and traders whose bank accounts are heavy. I know a gentleman who did not have the opportunity to go to school and so got a job as a salesman in a store. Many years later, he left his master and started his own business. Today, he is one of the big guns in my town. That is life.

I want to join Hera Pereira to say ‘There’s dignity in every profession.’ Whatever you are doing, do it to the best of your ability; and what you earn from there, put it to the best use. No matter how low your profession or job may be seen by others to be, it can take you to any level in life if you know how to dig out the best from it.


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