No to meager salary

If you pay a meager salary,
That’s abuse of human rights;
You deprive a human being
Of a life of dignity;
To put bread on the table,
That will be an uphill task;
Not to talk of other needs
That do stare one on the face.
Aim not for a meagre salary
If you want a decent life.
No to meager salary,
Yes to heavy pay package.



2 thoughts on “No to meager salary

  1. Here’s a wondering fact: the capitalist economic theorem rests upon the presumption of a continuous five percent pool of the unemployed. It also predicates the existence of perpetual and unending growth.

    I’m not any more of a communist than a capitalist, for anyone who’s wondering.

    WIn my opinion, we’ll be better off as human beings when we abandon these unsatisfactory constructs and return to the “systems” truly native to the human condition: barter and, even better (perhaps some enlightened day), gift based economies.

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