It be ya own self sometimes.

sprinkle of thoughts

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“Sometimes I feel like it’s me against the world when in reality, it’s me against myself.

Like I always say, life’s shouldn’t be as complicated as we make it seem. Sometimes all the trouble we’ve been through, all the drama, the consequences of our choices; all of those were not because it was destiny. Some scars we have we caused them. Some decisions we made them. It’s not always about the devil or another human responsible for our issues. Sometimes it’s us.

Looking back at my life, there are way too many things I could have avoided if I had listened. If I was obedient. If I was patient. If I wasn’t so emotional. If I had learned how to let go. If I didn’t give up etc etc. I also realized I was carrying hurt from the past and bringing it into my relationships and friendships. Things I didn’t…

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