Bird Paradise at Mangalajodi

Bird Paradise


Bird Paradise at Mangalajodi

Mangalajodi is the unique Bird sanctuary in Odisha (India) where more than 2.5 lakhs of birds (both resident and migratory) having about 168 species visit during winter season starting from mid of October till mid of March.However peak season starts from December till 2nd week of February when most of the Bird watchers,Scientists and Photographers visit this unique village in Dist Khurdha Odisha.

The place was quite different prior to the year 2000 when the local villagers were engaged in poaching of different extotic migratory birds for petty sum to live their livelihood.

The man who changed the place is Sri Nanda Kishore Bhujabala a local resident from Tangi who is presently Vice-President of “Wild Orissa” an NGO for well being of Elephants , Tigers and conversation of other wildlife.

The legend says he had to fight a lot and being a change in mindset of…

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