Angel in the Sky..

I look at the sky
The deep wash
Of black and blue
Encrusted with diamonds
Challenging darkness
With light
One of them
Caught my eye
I know its you
With the strongest radiance
Still gentle
As a feather
Just like the sparkle
Of your amorous eyes
I know its you
I just saw a glimpse
Of your flawless face
Like an innocent angel
Pure from all the ills
And evils
And hatred
And worries
Just like your life..
I saw you blink
Assuring me something
I got the message
And smiled back
And confessed
My eternal love
For you
And breathed
Filling myself with pride
And appeasing joy
It can only be you..

Copyright © 2017 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved


3 thoughts on “Angel in the Sky..

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