Touched By God

He manifests Himself in others to deliver His messages to the world…..

Touched by God

According to scripture, we try to analyze messages from the apostles and philosophers, and Matthew, Luke, Mark, and John. Trying to comprehend, one sometimes ponders the age old question— is the Bible accurate? I’m no different. So, all we can do is believe and have faith. But beyond the written Word, what if God plants a messenger amongst you today–one that leads a somewhat ordinary life, to reveal that He very much exists… a person who has been inwardly touched by God? What would you think about that? Would you be scared or draw nearer to God? Are you skeptical of such a thing?

Let me recite Exodus 23:20-22, a verse detailing those touched by God:

“See, I am sending my angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you into the place I have prepared.…Do not rebel against him; he will not forgive your rebellion, since my Name is in him. If you listen carefully to what he says and do all that I say, I will be an enemy to your enemies and will oppose those who oppose you.”

God comes, in these times, and anoints His powers to unlikely candidates who we would consider to be undeserving. He places knowledge within this person to guide people and to prepare all of us for the end times. In a way, this touched person can relate to self-pity and aggression and he/she can guide you back to God’s Words to restore honor and dignity, self-respect, graciousness, compassion and humility. Without someone to relay His messages, people will falter and fail, make foolish mistakes and give their lives over to dangerous and oppressive situations.

A messenger demonstrates, in a very large sense, the true reality of your life—that you were sent into the world to do something important. Everyone is born for a greater purpose. And the fact that people are not aware of this or cannot find it or are blind to it, cannot hear it, cannot feel it—that is the tragedy of the human family. That is the cause for corruption, conflict, hatred and all of the things that plague us today.

So, the final question now is, how can we spot a person touched by God? One of the primary ways, and confirmed in the Bible, was through miracles. Recently, I heard a story about a man who woke in song and discovered seven different kinds of wild birds singing religious tunes — not to him but with him. His life has now totally changed as birds were used in the Bible to relay messages. And what about Moses? He was a murderer but he did honor God and ended up prophesizing His name.

Looking at myself, a professed Christian, I was awakened in the middle of the night and told to write these kind of messages from God, to you. Those who know me personally, know I’m not a writer and I refuse to profess that I am. I have no formal college education and can’t type. But my wife and I built this blog, devoted to our Lord, in June 2017, and have now reached 850,000 friends and we’ve never spent a dime. I was born left-handed until I write God’s messages, and that is only with my right-hand! So you may say, “Ok, thOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAat’s not so strange.” But I have experienced numerous other miracles too. I prayed to get a vehicle, with totally bald tires, towed safely through six states. I witnessed storm clouds totally part between the highway I was driving on. It was storming on each side of the road! And my list could go on and on…..


You see, my friends, God is in the business of making miracles happen for certain believers. He manifests Himself in others to deliver His messages to the world, to give you guidance. Being receptive to the fact that you may be touched, is the trick, but doubting it…. will become your loss, plain and simple. Just understand, foremost, that experiencing a true miracle in your life is the first sign of being chosen by God to do something spectacular in your life! Do not ignore it! Run with it and see where God takes you…. after all, what do you have to lose?


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