A Thoughtful Gift

I have been married for over 20 years, and this Christmas my husband gave me the most thoughtful gift: Two books with the sole purpose of inspiring a writer.

This was the biggest affirmation of who I am. He hasn’t really shown much encouragement about my writing before, and does not understand my drive to create and how it feels like a calling, not just something I do. What this gift said was, “I SEE you, and I love you.”

One of the books was “inspiration and motivation for Writers” by Chloe Henderson. It is a book of amazing quotes by authors as well as affirmations I can tell myself. I used one of the quotes in my blog in a post called, Sunday Quote: Secret to Success.

Even though the ‘holiday season’ is over, we can continue to pour forth our own personal gifts. I ask this: if you know someone who struggles with doubt, show them support. It may be simply asking about their hobby/dream/avocation/etc. It may be purchasing something they created. I may be finding a small token that says “I SEE you.”

I strive to be my authentic self in all situations. As we tread on into the new year, try to actually SEE people as they are. Each individual is a pure expression of love if we only try to see.