My neighbor is wailing and rolling on the ground right now because she just lost her friend. With all she’s saying, the one thing that is loudest is the fact that she didn’t get to say goodbye because they had a small squabble at their last encounter.

This has got me thinking why do we wait? Why do we wait instead of telling someone how much you love them everyday?

Why do we wait for someone to die before we buy them flowers, when they never received a single tulip from us whilst alive?

Why do we wait until it’s too late before we think of telling our loved ones how much they matter and just how much we love them?

Why do we wait until a person is in a grave and can no longer hear the sweet words we have to offer at his funeral? why did we let this person go through life without hearing such sweet words which would have encouraged him, from us?

Why do we wait until a man has finally died of hunger before we provide excess food and drinks at his funeral?

Why do we wait until cold has cleared off his life before we bury him in the most expensive attire, whilst we gave him our old over-used attires when he was alive?

Somebody please explain to me, why do we wait?

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8 thoughts on “WHY DO WE WAIT?

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  2. Why? Because each generation has become more spoiled than the last, grown more into themselves with only an outside showing to others that they actually care – about anything but themselves.

    • TRUE! I personally think in this generation we are too entitled and this spoils us. We have everything easier, boundaries have already been set and foundations set. All we have left is to compare these foundations.

  3. This is so touching but the unsaid goodbye usually leaves us with regret. A little more, little more talks, little more discussions, little more love , little more caring, little more sharing….. is what we keep missing and regretting always (usually when we loose our very near and dear one).

      • Yes and also with near and dear ones these emotions are exchanged daily, and at times due to busy schedule, trips or other engagements (which are not reasons of direct ignorance), we tend to devote less time and if a tragedy happens (that too spontaneous or instant one, leaving you no time) we look back regretting why we were focusing elsewhere.
        So, its not exactly “not using the chance”, its like a thirst for love and affection which is never fulfilled, we always want a “little more”.

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